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A visionary specializing in Abstract/Realism. Anna Lee has been painting for over 30 years. Mainly self-taught, this talent has been inherited from her paternal family whom most were excellent artists. Her Art Launch Event was held Oct 2014 in San Antonio Texas. Anna Lee has made and sold over 300 paintings which hang in homes and businesses all over the United States. Her increase in demand for her work has exceeded tremendously since 2014. Anna Lee’s artistic vision is open to different art forms giving her perspective on how to mix different mediums together to form different styles and techniques.

'I paint with my heart and my soul. I find that most of my original non-commissioned work has been the backs of womans figures with no faces just faint outlines. This style of painting can consist of a number of reasons. Hiding from others? Guilt? , shame? All of which to this day I am still trying to solve, but the one thing I have when I paint is freedom of expressing myself and tapping into my soul.' -Anna Lee.

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